Our story

1969 – Foundation of Biotrading Company Srl – Via L. Pogliaghi, 1 – Milan. The production sites in the pharmaceutical field are in the same building of the registered office while the nutritional department is in Florence.

1987 – Split of the pharmaceutical and the nutritional sites. The pharmaceutical site keeps its registered office and its sites in Milan. While the nutritional site is transferred in the registered office in Marsala by keeping its production site in Florence and following the most modern productive techniques but also the latest acquirements oh pharmaceutical techniques that are applied to the food supplements.

1999 – Biotrading specialises on child nutrition and it directs its production in the neonatological and pediatric field by becoming the reference company in the production of dietary supplements for preterm newborn infants in whole Italian territory. Many products of a very high scientific rational are tuned, for example PROTON and FOLIUM with great sale success. Biotrading patents different innovative ways concerning the nutrients’ administration.

2009 – Biotrading enjoys great success in Italy and starts an internationalization process, turning to the foreign markets, which immediately appreciate its products.

2011 – Biotrading signs an important cooperation agreement with the Food and Science Department of the University of Messina. The main target is to discover and test new techniques of production, to guarantee and to monitor the quality of the manufacturing.

Biotrading is one of the sponsors that take part of the most important scientific meetings in Italy and it promotes satellite meetings, round tables and other meetings concerning some specific aspects of its own business. In over 10 years Biotrading is object of advertising in the most important scientific magazines of this field.

2015 – Biotrading, always ensuring a high quality and a continuous technical and scientific innovation of production, offers for sportsmen different products using active ingredients in effective concentrations to quickly reach the best state of physical fitness.

2015 – Biotrading presents veterinary line based on the implementation of a healthy nutrition and the use of highly absorbable vitamin solutions packaged with manageable and effective pharmaceutical forms.

2016 – Biotrading affirms its presence on media through a program targeted on social communication. Today the company has a website for e-commerce, an informative blog, 5 pages on Facebook and Twitter.

2016 – Opened two store of its brands.

2016 – Biotrading presents a new challenge with a new production line dedicated to gynecology and obstetrics, the establishment of a new autonomous division and a new medical and scientific communications network.

Biotrading bases its production strategy on the dynamism, the technical-scientific innovation and the quality of its products guarantee.

The production processes are certified and quality controls that are applied to the first matters guarantee the security. Special attention is paid to the search for optimal solutions in terms of compliance, the practicality of employment and security.