Produzione di integratori alimentari per l'infanzia

Gynecologic Area

Fifty years after the great experience accumulated by Biotrading in the dietary supplements of the infant during the first year of life and the child throughout the pediatric age, Biotrading decided in 2016 to make available all its technical know-how to the creation of a new line of products dedicated to women.
Also for this line of products characterized by Biogin mark, Biotrading will adopt unique patented technological solutions in order to improve the absorption characteristics, functionality and compliance. Of course, everything under the careful monitoring team of experts in various specializations (endocrinologists, gynecologists, etc.).
The new gynecological Biotrading line, Biogin Line, shall have the following objectives:

  • provide the best formula possible;
  • pay particular attention to the palatability and taste;
  • decrease the volume and number of daily intakes;
  • increase maneuverability and product safety.