In December 2021, Biotrading obtained the important Halal Certification for some of its products:

· Ergon vials

· Panavit drops

· Panavit solution

· Proton drops

· Proton tablets 1000 IU

· Proton tablets 2000 IU

· Redox drops

· Redox Immuno sachets

· Equidral sachets

· Cobalavit drops

· Cobalavit plus drops

· Ferrosil drops

· Folium drops

· Destrolac powder

· Chetodral sachets


The Halal Italia brand and logo indicate conformity to the Islamic religion of certain products, processes and services, and in particular that these products, processes or services are adequate in relation to the rules and religious sensitivity of Muslims. The trademark therefore has primarily a religious meaning, and secondly a legal and commercial meaning.