Biotrading is owner of a broad range of food supplements and primary care products realized by paying attention to quality thanks to the work of competent chemists and researchers in the Research and Development Center based in Florence, one of the most avant-garde in this field.
Our Company has the following authorizations:

  1. Ministerial Authorization for the production of nourishment for special feeding (D.L. Vo 111).
  2. Authorization for the production of cosmetics.
  3. Authorization as operator for the preparation and packaging of organic farming products.

The Company, in these activities of production follows the directions of the D.L. Vo 111, acts in accordance with the procedures laid down by the Programma di Qualificazione Aziendale FEDER SALUS (National Federation Producers of Healthy Products).
The food supplement lines that constitute the broad products’portfolio are the following:

  • liquids
  • powders
  • vials
  • tablets
  • capsules
  • creams and ointments
  • phytotherapeutics
  • freeze-dried products

In the production sites, Biotrading applies to the fundamental nutrious foods pharmaceutical techniques in order to favour their absorption.