Action Field

Biotrading is a company strongly oriented to the food supplement and nutritional pharmaceutical sector. Since its foundation in 1969, it has been specialized in the manufacturing of products in neonatology and pediatrics by always ensuring high quality and continuous technical-scientific production innovation. The production processes are certified and quality controls that are applied to the first guarantee security matters. Finally, special attention is paid to the search for optimal solutions as regards compliance, the convenience of intake and safety.

Biotrading bases its production strategy on the dynamism, the technical and scientific innovation and on the quality of its products guarantee.

A specific sector study that analyzed the last four financial statements deposited at the Chamber of Commerce places Biotrading Srl in the 21st place among the 39 largest companies in the “Vitamins and Food Supplements” sector in Italy and in the 12th position among the most powerful and successful companies profit margins. Moreover, Biotrading Srl is among the 17 companies that have increased their market value in the last year.